Book cover photography course

So as most of you know already I created a full online course covering every step on how to become a book cover photography.

Why me? Who am I to run a course?

I started my book cover photography career just over 4 years ago now. I currently have just over 700 published covers worldwide, including some BIG author names too, Jo Nesbo, Isabelle Allende, James Patterson and Judy Blume etc. The Jo Nesbo one was even a commissioned one.

I really hit the ground running and made a ton of mistakes which I talk through on my course, every mistake I made and how to avoid them. This is also my FULL TIME income. I don’t do other work outside of book cover photography unless it’s for friends (headshots and such).

So after 4 years of doing nothing but book covers? I know a bit, a fair bit in fact. I’ve explored every avenue I could think of. Made every mistake and rectified it with success.


So why do this course?

If you’ve been struggling to make money through the finer art side of photography, want to make money from photography in general or just want to see your work published across the world then this course is for you.

Or perhaps your with agencies already but haven’t found your footings yet.

Why am I doing this course?

A LOT of people asked me too. And not just recently but over the years nearly every month I get a handful of emails, DM’s and messages about sharing my experience so others can do the same. I’ve often tried to help people in the past but there’s a lot of information to give in one go etc.

Success so far?

I’ve been with agencies for a while but wish I had this course when I started; it would have helped me enormously. It answered a lot of questions and was worth the money for sure. Love your twenty-minute shoot idea; I shall be adopting that strategy.
— Derek

I can only tell you about those who have emailed me to let me know about their success and I also have to point out a lot of people who took this course were actually part of the agencies I speak of already and had already started their book cover photography career.

So 19 of them emailed me to let me know they’ve been accepted to the agencies I speak of.

2 of them shared their very first book cover sales which was AWESOME to see. I’m hoping more will trickle in over the months as it can take a good few months to see sales so it was great two of them succeeded so quickly!

5 of them who were already part of agencies emailed me to let me know it was as if their world turned into focus and they completely understood why they weren’t making sales and were now rectifying their problems to increase their chances.

Over 20 of them commented about how successful they were finding my 10 minute shoot idea on creating more sellable content. And how to avoid procrastination.

I loved it! I loved that you posted all the resources under each video. I’m a wedding photographer currently but hoping to become a full-time book cover photographer, and now I feel fully prepared. Definitely worth the money as it is a well-rounded course with all the resources right at your fingertips.
— Morgana

Is there any other course like this? No.

I researched, a hell of a lot. But I never found anything that specified about book cover photography and how to do it step by step. Just some blog posts here and there but that was it.