Modelling underwater

Modelling underwater, it’s funny either people are terrified of it but love it. Or they think it’s going to be a lot easier than it actually is.


There’s a reason I stick to a maximum of 2-hour slots. It’s exhausting! Exhilarating but exhausting! If I see even an ounce of tiredness in my models, I slow the shoot right down, having a small break and chat, staying in the shallow end too. I get tired too despite doing it more often than most of my models!

If you’re confident in the water and under the water, you’re at a distinct advantage, but it’s not necessary for either of these things to be true if you want to model underwater. In fact, a few of my previous models were really weak swimmers, doggy paddle and that’s about it! One of them couldn’t swim at all.

You see in my experience, you don’t have to swim to model underwater, you have to sink if anything! Just being underwater, still, calm, serene. Usually produces some of the best photos.

It’s a hell of a lot of fun though either way! And you leave, yes, exhausted, but always with a massive smile and within a few days, you are given some photos that stay with you forever, that when you share with others, jaws drop, comments flood in and likes all over the place! Always, 100% worth every watery second.