Breaking into book covers reviews

It’s so brave to buy a course that you’re unsure of taking, especially if you don’t know if it will be worth it. So I’ve posted just some of the reviews I’ve had on it so far to reassure your worries. I’ve not had a bad review yet I will add! Everyone has felt it is worth it and I’ve had personal messages from 15 of my students that have had images accepted already for potential book covers and are WELL on their way to making this a full time income of their own! I don’t know how many others have been accepted mind you and how many were already with agencies!

It exceeded my expectations, you literally explain every aspect of it! Every question I thought of was then answered. It was definitely worth the money, and I’m hoping to do this full time as I feel prepared. I just didn’t expect you to explain how simple it could really be. Thank you so much.
— Ivana
We both really enjoyed the course and will refer back to it often. We like the relaxed but authentic videos, not contrived just really informative and friendly! We knew what to expect from your social media but it was interesting to know about popular themes and why images don’t sell. All that information is not normally spoken about and all that experience and information makes it worth the money.
— Y&B
I learnt A LOT, so big thank you! Everything is so well explained and answered every question I had. I’m also already with agencies, and all those explanations of why images don’t sell has allowed me to reexamine my own work and see where I’m going wrong. Your course has been absolutely invaluable!
— Sarah
I loved it! I loved that you posted all the resources under each video. I’m a wedding photographer currently but hoping to become a full time book covers photographer, and now feel fully prepared. Definitely worth the money as it is a well-rounded course with all the resources you could need.
— Morgana
I’ve been with agencies for a while but wish I had had this course when I started; it would have helped me enormously. It answered a lot of questions and was worth the money for sure. Love your 20 minutes shoot idea; I shall be adopting that strategy.
— Derek
I’ve just been accepted with only 4 images! So the course was what I expected and more, totally worth every penny! I got many answers and I am now more confident about how to continue with my photos. I think it was great that you went through that you can do small and quick shoots, it doesn’t have to be big and all-day photoshoots to get images.
— Tiina
I feel like we’ve had a chat over a brew, and you have given me all the inside knowledge I’ve been missing out on! Brilliant, loved it! Was it worth the money? Yes! It’s brill!
— Nicole