Models turning up ill - Why it's a dick move

So I work with a lot of models on a regular basis. So it’s natural that people occasionally might be ill on that day. It’s happened a few times and I always insist on the model staying home and we can re-schedule.

Yet despite this models STILL turn up ill. These are the reasons it’s a dick move and if they pull that on me, I won’t use them again.


If a model turns up ill

And didn’t inform anyone or I find out afterwards, I won’t work with that model again.

  1. You are ill. Stay home and rest and get better.

  2. Money is not everything, rescheduling is NOT a big deal.

  3. You are putting other models at risk.

  4. You are contaminating my make up artists gear and potentially infecting her.

  5. I use her A LOT also, so if she gets ill? I will have to cancel shoots.

  6. You are putting ME at risk. I’m immune compromised and everyone knows this.

  7. When I shoot, I shoot at home meaning you’re also putting my partner at risk.

  8. After a shoot I do NOT want to spend 3 hours cleaning everything you’ve snotted, coughed and more.

  9. The costumes then have to be dry-cleaned.

  10. Ten, the final one. YOU ARE ILL.

It needed to be said twice. Why on earth, in any reason, think it’s okay to turn up ill!? It baffles me. I’d never put any models at risk if I even had a cold, no one wants a cold let alone anything else. Stay at home.

I know this sounds harsh but I feel like all of this needs to be said and talked about.

If you turn up ill I then have to spend 3 hours cleaning the house down, my partner works with 200+ children every week and is gigging every weekend in front of thousands of people, an opportunity he can NOT miss. I’m talking cleaning the sofa, the one they may have coughed over, the studio and of course the bathrooms. It’s infuriating and not what I want to do after a long stressful photoshoot.

If you’re a model. Do not turn up to a photoshoot if you are ILL.

Thought from fellow models and photographers?