Rekha Garton.
Photographer specialising in book cover and underwater photography.


Breaking into Book Covers

It’s finally here! Learn how to get your photography published worldwide through book covers, making decent money too! There are 12 video chapters to go through, a free texture download and a chance to win a costume of mine sent to your door. I go through my own mistakes I made, what to do, what to avoid and every subject on the matter I could possibly think of. Make 2019 your year to get published on a regular basis!

It exceeded my expectations, you literally explained every aspect of it! Every question I thought of was then answered. It was definitely worth the money, and I’m hoping to do this full time now as I feel fully prepared.
I just didn’t expect you to explain how simple it could really be. Thank you so much.
— Ivana
I learnt A LOT, so it’s a big thank you! Everything is so well explained and answered every question I had. I’m already with agencies, and all those explanations of why images don’t sell has allowed me to re-examine my own work and see where I’m going wrong. Your course has been absolutely invaluable.
— Sarah
We both really enjoyed the course and will refer back to it often. We like the relaxed but authentic videos, not contrived just really informative and friendly! We knew what to expect from your social media, but it was interesting to know about popular themes and why images don’t sell. All that information is usually not spoken about, and all that experience and information makes it worth the money.
— Y&B
I feel like we’ve had a chat over a brew, and you have given me all the inside knowledge I’ve been missing out on! Brilliant loved it! Was it worth the money? YES! It’s brill!
— Nicole

Just some of the companies I’ve had worked with


Recent Work

Book Cover Photography

These are just a tiny selection of book covers that features my photography, I’ve had the chance to work alongside some amazing authors such as James Patterson, Simon Scarrow, Isabel Allende, Jodi Picoult, Nicholas Sparks and so many more!

Blog time

My photography blog is going to be ranging into three separate categories which I’ve arranged easy access too here, so if you’re only interested in one subject you don’t have to trawl through to find the appropriate posts. But for now here are my latest posts.


I love working with actors, actresses and models to give their portfolio a dramatic boost. Instead of the ‘standard headshots’ I provide a cinematic and dramatic kick to headshots instead, creating characters and helping actors get to where they want to be.

Rekha certainly gave my portfolio it needed! After discussing the roles I was after she created some outstanding headshots for me which created new and exciting opportunities the very next week. Could not recommend enough.
— Kate

I’m currently charging only £145.00 for 8-10 fully edited images (if there are more I won’t charge you for them) Please read the terms and conditions here before booking though. Thank you!