Rekha Garton

Unit stills, specials and gallery photographer


Unit Stills

Using Sony mirrorless technology my camera makes no sounds meaning there are no distractions and no annoyance for any of the shooting crew. 

I may be a newbie in this field but with over ten years experience of being a photographer, specifically in book cover photography which gave me an edge within unit stills since I had already honed my skill for cinematic drama that book covers desire.

Working on book covers meant I often chose actors to work with rather than models too, meaning I often learnt from them about their own movements and preferences on set whilst they were filming rather than modelling, it was a great insight before making this move. It also means my work has a knack for leaving good copy space which is essential in unit stills as much as other areas of work. 


Behind The Scenes

Everyone loves some behind the scenes photos! Seeing how people work on set, the concentration, the fun, the effort everyone puts in coming together can sometimes only be put into a photo rather than words. 

With my ghostly attitude I capture a bit of everything, those silent moments in between shots. The breathing space is how I imagine it, the moments where everyone has a moment to themselves, they’re in that moment, living it, all creating something simultaneously. 


You are welcome to call me, if I’m on set I won’t be able to answer so please leave a voicemail and I’ll call you back as soon as I am able. Or alternatively just pop me an email.



Personal Work

My personal work is a great reflection of the work I can achieve on and off set; on location and within a studio.



Nothing like free advertising right? The years I spent doing book cover photography made me realise how vital social media, especially instagram is in the media world. Not just to help freely promote books, or in this case films and TV series but having another voice to add to the publicity is always a good thing. Thankfully my instagram is quite well rounded and I have a dedicated and active following of nearly 19K, something that steadily grows. Of course I’ve not been able to share any unit stills work yet due to NDA’s but once I can I will be trying to actively change my account towards the film industry side of my career.