Rekha Garton

Photography degree from NUA with a 2:1.

10 years experience as a photographer, specifically book covers until recently as I’ve transitioned into Unit Stills Photography.

Based about 1.5 - 2hrs from London. Similar time to the main studios, which I’ve pointed out to others, it takes me less time on average to get to the studios than it does just to get across London these days. I have my own car for travel and am happy to travel anywhere.

I use a Sony A7RIII with 24-70 f2.8 and a 70-200 f.2.8 with the mirrorless camera I can shoot silently much to the sound guys pleasure! The 45 megapixels on this camera also mean the prints can be blown up to 50 inches with no damage or softness to the quality of these images. 

To add to my skill set; I am incredibly used to shooting underwater as I’ve been photographing underwater on and off for 8 years now. More consistently the last few years. Happy to bring my own underwater gear but also happy to use the productions for any insurance reasons. I’m a strong swimmer and have a good knack for directing talent underwater for specials and gallery shots. Years of working with models underwater for two hour periods I’ve found some of the best poses and ways of communicating about what is needed and wanted, albeit sometimes literally showing them what I mean.  

Also I have a handy studio get up I can fit into my car should headshots or character studies have to be done. Just let me know in advance and I’ll make sure to have them.



  • Huntar - My Drug Music Video

  • The Souvenir Part Two

My career has primarily been making photographs for book covers, to which I have over 700 published for authors including Jo Nesbo, Nicholas Sparks, Judy Blume, Robert Ludlum and many many more. 

This path was wonderful and provided me with those essential skills of learning where and how to leave copy space for designers and even more so; to weave an entire story from one photo. A way to intrigue the viewer, to catch their eye in a book shop or even online mimics itself so well in unit stills photography. This is my advantage.