Monthly theme for book cover photography

In light of my breaking into book cover courses I’ve decided to hold a monthly theme to encourage and keep everyone inspired and avoid procrastination. Also especially in book covers it’s essential to have a diverse range of content, so this is to help maximise on this.


Monthly Theme: Anonymous Self Portrait


Anonymous self portrait. Now this is more specific right? Whether you stay indoors, go on location, it doesn’t matter. Whether you just use your legs, upper body, back of your head I just encourage you all to get SOMETHING.

Let’s get those ideas rolling, comment below with your own ideas, even links to images you’ve done in light of this, I’d love to see and share them on my Instagram! Don’t be afraid to be cliche, sometimes, if not often, it sparks further ideas that are more original.

I’ll share the best ones on the next monthly blog post with links to your portfolio and such, let’s support and create together. #rekhamonthlytheme


My anonymous self portrait

I was in a funky mood and wanted to create something to reflect that so I went with something a bit dark, naturally. But I do encourage you all to try a range of things. It’s easy for me to fall into dark side of photography but we forget that happy/funny ones are JUST as good if not sometimes better. Colourful too!

These were done with just window light and the black side of a reflector to up the contrast a touch.

I often want to express to you all that you don’t need fancy pants equipment especially starting out. You could even use a black piece of clothing pinned up (I used to do this with a hoodie of mine until I got a reflector)

It took overall 8 minutes to do the actual photographing part of this, half of that was spent wrestling my dress over my sweat pants (oh yes really). Once you have a clear image in mind of what you want to achieve you can generally crack on with it pretty sharpish.

Editing this photograph took about 15 minutes, but I’ve been practising photoshop for over 10 years now so be patient and kind with yourself if you’re just starting out.

I’m hoping to do a few more anonymous self portraits this month to obviously continue with the theme and get a lot of content, so keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram or facebook for them. And don’t forget to tag yours! Please refrain from tagging me in the actual photo though, just the hashtag will do!


Last months theme : Flowers

I challenged you all to a simple start off theme of flowers and you all delivered above and beyond! Here are some of my favourites I discovered on Instagram (thanks for using the hashtag #rekhamonthlytheme


Morgana Miles

Instagram: @morganamilesphotography

This is so utterly enchanting, the use of shadows, colour and story is outstanding, also love the fact there is copy space! Morgana absolutely smashed last month’s theme.


Vincent Chapman

Instagram: @scarlett_camden_photography

What a beautifully sensual photo! Love the use of light and dark. My only comment was that black and white images aren’t often accepted within the book cover industry as designers can do that themselves in post. She has a fair few others which were great too, definitely worth checking her out.

I suggest checking out the hashtag anyway as there are a few more images that are really worth taking note of! It’s great to see you all growing, being a part of this and keeping inspired. I honestly cannot wait to see your anonymous self portraits! Eeek!