Underwater photography hacks

So I thought I’d share my best hacks for underwater photography, specifically portrait or fashion underwater photography. It can be really hard starting out, discouraging even! I wanted to share my best tips to encourage anyone who’s starting out in underwater photography.

Underwater photography hacks:

  • Plain black bed sheets work super well as black backdrops.

  • Wide lenses are best but nothing wider than 28mm, I use 35mm prime. It doesn’t distort, let’s me get close; which avoids less haze through the chemicals underwater.

  • Bright sunshine is the best light to work in.

  • Find clear water or a swimming pool cleaned with UV light rather than chlorine or a low-chlorine swimming pool.

  • Floaty dresses move beautifully.

  • Satin/silk also move really nicely.

  • Don’t put an unconfident/weak swimmer in a big heavy dress, those things triple in weight wet.

  • If you yourself are not a confident swimmer, bring someone with you who is. OR stay in the shallow end. Do not put yourself or others at risk for photography.

  • Don’t swim for longer than two hours, it’s so tiring.

  • Don’t let your models wear make up, hair stuff, moisturiser or even deodorant, all these things cloud the water up REAL quick. If you want make up done hire a professional with the right type of make up. It pays off.

  • Show models poses you’re hoping to achieve or similar images, it helps them focus on what to do.

  • Also encourage your models to either read my blog posts on modelling underwater OR encourage them to practise letting their breath out in the bath. It helps!

If you want to try underwater photography and have no idea what equipment to start with check out my other blog post and I can take you through all the options I went through step by step.