Victorian era photoshoot for book covers

As most of you know, I love a good historical photoshoot for potential book covers. It’s so much fun and much more elaborate too. Love the Victorian era and it’s in demand at the moment so I set out and got this photoshoot organised!

I have a whole team with me in this instance:

Models: Alisha Whitworth & Cathy Wilson
HMUA: Ria Lingwood
Costume hire: Masquerade

Ria my wonderful hair and make up artist took my Dji Osmo Pocket and filmed some of the day after I explained how to use it (super simple) and it was great to be able to share the funny little moments from the day and also Alisha smashing out modelling poses like the utter pro she is. Alisha and Cathy are such established and confident models, the day goes by quickly but also more productively too. We get so much more done this way.

I prefer having more confident models on photoshoots like this for that reason.

My short but sweet behind the scenes video!

Here are some of my favourites from the day, these girls absolutely smashed it!

I shot some on grey with clam style lighting at the front and a highlight at the back/side to highlight the hair and add some dynamic light. I shot some of them on grey because sometimes publishers just want to cut people out, on location that can be a lot harder to do and therefore the results are not great, this way it’s better for everyone. I actually love doing this as the end results from the designers are usually fantastic.

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