Getting published through your fine art photography

When I was doing more creative and fine art photography I really struggled with selling my work, I was part of the biggest stock library in the world but my fine art photography hardly ever sold, actually scrap that, I never sold any. But I LOVED doing it, it was my outlet, it was what I wanted to do full time. But I thought I couldn’t.

Galleries - Didn’t work. My work involved people and as a lovely man pointed out one day “Love your work, realistically not going to buy an image of a random girl and hang it on my wall though'.’

I googled every way of phrasing, ‘How to get paid through my photography’. With endless and extremely unhelpful lists of generic crap (no offence). They always had the same lists. Do weddings, headshots, family photoshoots, galleries, stock agencies like Alamy etc etc.


Fine art photographers don’t really fit these categories and suggesting they do wedding, families and headshots is absolutely heart-breaking. Thinking you might never get a chance at making money through what you love.

SO! Here’s a real chance at:

  1. Making DECENT money. EVERY MONTH.

  2. You don’t need marketing or social media skills.

  3. No networking either, emails etc.

  4. Creative and fine art photography is welcomed and encouraged.

  5. Best bit? Your work published on hundreds of books, worldwide.

Book Covers.

Book covers need and want ALL of that. Book cover agencies (yes, agencies but it means you do not have to market yourself, network or have social media whatsoever. Plus the agencies I work for offer a 50% royalty rate which is higher than any other stock agency out there. Plus it’s all Rights Managed, NOT royalty free. Phew!)

Check out my course ‘Breaking Into Book Covers’ where I cover every single step through getting your work published on book covers, avoid all my mistakes and hit the ground running. Most covers fetch at least £100.00 each and up to £1000.00. Just for one cover, one sale. Lot’s of book cover images sell multiple times so for example; The Fallen Architect (above) within 3 months fetched me over £2500.00 over 3 sales. So less hesitation this year, let’s get your work out there!