Video: Burning Paper People

It seems my audience have really enjoyed my little videos of me working on smaller still life sets, this particular week I’d had the idea to do some paper men, cheap (if not free as most people have some paper in their house!).

I started researching on Amazon for more thriller, domestic disturbance type books and a lot include fire at the moment so I thought I might as well try burning my paper people along the way too.

The aim was to get as many different types images as possible ideally.

Creating a character and story. Hence I used some little keys too (they were from Amazon, really cheap), some paper women all together as you can see like lost children or sisters standing together or just a literal string of women! Anyway I hope you enjoy the video! Below are some of my favourite images from my set.

Final Outcomes of my burning paper people

Not all of these will be accepted of course. I actually had over 25 images in the end submitted but I think 16 got accepted which is still great. 16 more images to potentially bring me some income at some point. And it only took me two hours overall, one morning when I had a couple of hours spare before the rest of my day started. If you spent all day doing this, keeping your photoshoots 1 hour long with different themes and ideas you’d have a BUTT LOAD of images to work on the next day you decide to edit them all instead.

Personally I’ve found I don’t work as productively if I try an all dayer, occasionally I’ll wake up in that kind of mood, super focused and I crack on it straight away but they don’t happen too often. Try to find out the way you work best and stick with it.


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