Monthly theme for book cover photography - get involved

In light of my breaking into book cover courses, I’ve decided to hold a monthly theme to encourage and keep everyone inspired and avoid procrastination. Also especially in book covers, it’s essential to have a diverse range of content, so this is to help maximise on this.


Monthly Theme: Flowers, Still Life.


I’m doing this for my benefit too! I struggle with still life images, I’ve only sold a handful but would love to increase this part of my portfolio, so let’s smash this out together! So almost suggesting lovers, affairs, unrequited love, secrets anything really? Let’s get those ideas rolling, comment below with your own thoughts also links to images you’ve done in light of this, I’d love to see and share them on my Instagram! Don’t be afraid to be cliche, sometimes, if not often, it sparks further ideas that are more original.

Also whoever comments with images (links to pictures or on Instagram) I’ll share the best ones on the next monthly blog post with links to your portfolio and such, let’s support and create together. #rekhamonthlytheme

These are the ones I did one morning. I spent an hour shooting and spent an hour picking and editing them ready for submission. I’m not overly thrilled with all of them but some of them I really love. All using a bouquet I was sent by my partners band (I helped them out with a video), I had the spoons/fork and key from a charity shop and the ribbon came with the flowers. Using only natural light, no reflectors either. 2 hours and I’ve created a fair bit of content and another whole shoot which is awesome.

Some of my final images from the still life photoshoot:

SO! Let’s see your outcomes! I’d love for everyone to get involved, share photos together and build each other up. If you hashtag #rekhamonthlytheme and I’ll share some of them over the course of the next month. And then NEXT month I will share some of the best ones on my blog.

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