Video: BTS of my water tank photoshoot

Sometimes I’ll have an idea for a photoshoot, especially for book covers and it doesn’t quite pan out so I try to come up with another idea pretty quickly, this is what happened this faithful morning with my little water tank.

It’s a small fish tank I got from the local pet store for about £14.00 and I’ve used it a fair few times. In fact one of the images I produced from using my water tank is now on a book cover already. So it’s already paid for itself.

I originally thought the baby shoes would look pretty cool underwater but alas you can see what happened instead…

Behind the scenes!


As you can see things did not go to plan! But I thought rather quickly and came up with another idea instead and ended up with a few lovely images. If I had planned to stick my head in I would have made the water warmer rather than freezing cold, it was not a fun experience. I would have had time to set it up a bit better but I was on a time schedule and just wanted something from my mini photoshoot.

Editing didn’t take that long thankfully and they are already up for submission for potential book covers. It would be great to see some of these photographs end up on a book cover like this one to the right. I got my partner involved last time, he wasn’t overly thrilled but I love the images from that photoshoot… might have to do another soon!

My final images from my water tank photoshoot!

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