Video: BTS baby shoes thriller ideas

Recently on Instagram I shared some thriller images I created using some cheap baby shoes I purchased from Amazon.

These are all used with JUST natural light, nothing fancy and some of my colorama dark grey paper cut off. I always want people to know they don’t need anything super expensive or fancy to create some images for potential book covers.

Behind The Scenes Video

Some of the final photos

I really wanted to break into thriller book covers this year, it’s a huge industry but I’ve never really concentrated on it before but this is the year! So I’ve gone in full steam ahead as you’ve maybe noticed! I’m encouraging everyone to do similar who wants to get into book cover photography! Throughout the editing process I’ve made the greys into bluish tones and changed the colours for some of the images so they didn’t look so repetitive.

Breaking into book covers has had STELLA reviews so far so if you fancy learning every aspect of how to get your photography on to book covers just click and get stuck in!