Underwater camera equipment

So as an underwater photographer who specialises in taking underwater photos of people rather than sealife/surfers etc a lot of people ask what my camera equipment is exactly.

So I purchased my equipment from Cameras Underwater, amazing team of people, so helpful too. This is exactly what I have so you can go on their website and find the same ones if you want:




My way of photographing people underwater

Very different if you’re a sealife photographer or surfer photographer, this is for primarily ‘portraits underwater’


Basically, to photograph underwater the way I do, I needed a port for a wide portrait lens, without being too wide (fisheye) or expensive!

I need to be close to my subjects, so the images aren’t hazy from the chlorine. A prime portrait lens to get good clarity and flattering for my subjects. I use a Tamron 35mm 1.8.

The underwater housing is for my Canon 5DMKIV.

Over time people have asked the following:

“Why don’t you just use a GoPro?” - Because on the older GoPro’s especially, quality for stills was AWFUL, they were too wide, and I did try one once and wanted to cry because the quality ruined my whole shoot. I’m sure it’s different now, they’ve upped their game dramatically! I’m eager to get an Osmo Pocket with the underwater case to try out more video eventually. Should be great fun!

“What about those plastic bag ones?” - I started out with one, then another because my first leaked (I noticed just in time and saved my camera) and the amount of stress it takes knowing it could leak again was too much. Plus shooting through a massive thick piece of plastic compromised the clarity somewhat. I do recommend them though if you buy one through Cameras Underwater, they are great for beginners.

“Why don’t you just shoot in a tank?” - One: where are these tanks?! I only recently heard about one in Peterborough but other than that is it a common thing!? Because I haven’t found any previously! I checked out the one in Peterborough too, it’s ridiculously expensive and a minimum of 4 hour hire! Two: I love being in the water with my models, there’s not an extra panel of plastic/glass to shoot through either, taking away even more clarity. My models know if they got into trouble, even simply getting their foot caught in a piece of dress I can drop my camera (it’s safe) and swim to them in a matter of seconds to help. Not the same in a tank! I think I’d only use maybe two models of mine in a tank knowing they’d be safe without me.