Modelling underwater problems and solutions

Lot’s of people are so eager to model underwater, but fear holds them back from ever getting in and becoming the beautiful mermaid they were meant to be! Or having that unusual and perfect engagement photo shoot. Beautiful underwater baby bump photos? There are many problems to modelling underwater usually with straightforward solutions which I’m about to go through.

So here is a list of FAQ’s & answers:


I can’t swim.
- You don’t have to know how to swim. I keep my weak and non swimmers in the shallow end, modelling underwater is more about sinking than swimming!

What if I pull silly faces and ruin the whole shoot?
- I’m there for a reason, I have experience and will talk through the really simple tips on keeping your face serene and beautiful! It’s really not hard either!

It’s kinda pricey I’m not sure.
- The reason is because of insurance, pool hire, the days it takes to edit etc. But without justifying my pricing I have to say. It’s a once in a lifetime thing to do, if not now, when? Baby bumps, 9 months and whoosh gone! Engagement shoots? Usually a year on average! If you’re young and beautiful!? If you want to do it, do it. Now’s always the right time!

I don’t know whether I’d be confident modelling underwater!
- It can take time and is difficult somewhat. But I’ve been doing this a while now, I will spend the first half an hour with you talking through posing, holding your breath, or more accurately letting your breath out so you can sink easier, practising with you and generally making you feel as comfortable as possible. It’s why I suggest 2 hours to start with.

What if I panic throughout the whole shoot and you don’t get any photos?
- Right. This has NEVER happened, but I’ve had clients who are anxious throughout, and we still get at least 6 or so images that look amazing! It’s all about our communication. It’s always worth it and I’ve never had an unhappy client who didn’t feel it was worth it, not once. Panic and anxiety is completely normal but it’s why I spend that first half an hour or so chatting, letting you watch me (hilarious) sink and show just how safe and easy it can be. It can actually be a very empowering experience by the end of it all.



Hollie is a perfect example.

Her first underwater shoot; almost stage fright anxiety. Her brain was telling her to panic, tried to convince her she was drowning. She of course was not. We still got some amazing images that I still treasure to this day!

After the whole experience we did another 2 photoshoots, the last with her baby bump.


Most people after their first shoot want to book again and I’ve had many repeat clients, who admitted to being really worried, scared, anxious about the first time, then eager to do their second underwater photoshoot because of how exciting they found it. So I ask you to….