New Year, New blog

Yup, I’m doing it, it’s my New Year’s resolution; to blog to my hearts content. I’ve been meaning too for a while, not just for SEO but to engage with my clients, fans and brands more. So here we go!

My blog will consist of tips and tricks for underwater photography, book cover photography and regular photography work. But focusing on underwater and book covers primarily.


Online course!



I’ve even got an online course coming VERY soon about breaking into book covers!


If you’re interested in staying in the loop you’re welcome to join my new newsletter, which will be sent out once a month with offers, freebies (like texture overlays, important news about the upcoming course and anything else interesting.) But once a month, that’s it. Like a big parcel being delivered! Whoo! If you’re not interested you can stay in touch either by commenting, engaging through my website or even instagram, whatever floats your own boat.

Theme of the month:

Also I’ll be hosting a monthly ‘Theme of the month’ for you fellow photographers hoping to break into book cover photography, to help keep the learning curve going, I’l encourage you to hashtag so we can all see and share, and even add them in to the comments below each blog post. Keep the support going.

Right guys, thanks for as always being patient and wonderful! Hoping you all get involved as often as possible.