My favourite underwater instagram accounts I follow

So I thought I’d share some of my favourite underwater accounts so others can follow too but also explain a bit about why I follow them and why I love them! I truly believe in this day and age people don’t encourage ‘competition’ and it becomes too much about bringing each other down instead of building each other up, which I’d much rather do. These guys are big dogs but if you’re not in that world you might not have heard of them, hence the sharing!

Zena Holloway - @zenaholloway

The reason I started underwater photography in the first place, I loved and still love her work. Strange tidbit her and my mum met in a little pub once, I almost fell over when she told me. Zena is also super nice, she’s always responded to me and been supportive, it’s wonderful. She’s done some mega campaigns too which is awesome and inspiring.

Ed Freeman - @Edfreemanphoto

Recently just been published with Playboy! Amazing underwater photographer, so consistent and beautiful. Probably NSFW but everything on instagram is made safe nowadays. But his work is beyond jaw dropping. He often uses multiple models underwater without too much nudity and has them all posing in a way that completely baffles my mind, to get models to work that cohesively and underwater no less is no small feat! Astounding.

Linnea Snyderman - @UnderwaterLinnea

Underwater model this time! She’s born to be in the water. Such a magnificent way of moving, posing and practically dancing underwater like it’s nothing. Helps she is actually a dancer! She works with some amazing people too so her content never disappoints.

Alice & Jim Ward - @seethroughsea

This duo are wonderful! Their work is so clear and with a great emphasis on looking after our waters. They run oceanic safaris and tours which sound AMAZING. Feed is full of beautiful ocean life but the occasional mermaid pops up too.

A community instagram - @theoutdoorswimmingsociety

I love the outdoor swimming society. Not only does it constantly inspire me to look after myself mentally and physically by swimming and being outdoors but it encourages me to go on adventures, reminds me that any body of water isn’t far and being in the ocean is one of those experiences that never gets old! Their feed is absolutely wonderful.

Elena Kalis - @elenakalis

This girl has SKILLS. From amazing close ups of alligators from underneath, teeth and all to couples posing underwater together in the most disney romance way you could dream of. Because in the UK our ocean isn’t great for shooting in it’s wonderful to follow someone who works in the ocean, it’s so fresh, clear and invigorating. It’s inspired me into researching a trip abroad just to shoot in the ocean!

Do you guys follow any underwater photographers we should know about? Please share if so!