Meet the model from Judy Blume's - In The Unlikely Event

I thought it might be fun to do some interviews with models from various big name covers. Often I use my friends and occasionally family to do book cover work and it’s wonderful to see so many of them published! It’s interesting from my experience most people assume I use highly professional models from big modelling agencies when actually I don’t. Also it compounds that most photographers could indeed do book cover photography without the use of professional models, if you have pretty friends you’re in!

So today we’re virtually meeting a long time friend of mine,

Hillary Whales


“When did you first start modelling?”

I was about 19 years old when I first started modelling. 

I was visiting England on a six month visa and staying with my boyfriend (now husband). To fill my time while he was away at work I decided to try modelling! I thought it was a great way to meet new people and learn more about the city I was hoping to be my home one day!

“Do you consider yourself a model?”

I consider myself more as a performer than a model. I have a background in entertainment so modelling for me is just a great way to get into different characters!  

“Did you think the shoot would amount to anything this big?”

Personally, I didn’t think I had “the look” for anything big!

I was hoping something would come out of the shoot, but never imagined to be on such a well known authors book!!! 

“Did you ever think you’d be on a Judy Blume cover?”

It had never crossed my mind once that I would be on a cover of such an amazing author’s book!

“How did it make you feel seeing it in print?”

When I found out about the cover I was shocked! Then when I saw the actual cover I had the BIGGEST smile on my face and instantly ran to my husband and told him!! I was so happy!

“What was your family and friends reactions?”

When I told my mom she was like “Hillary!! This is incredible! This means Judy Blume has seen your face!!” My other friends and family now just think I’m the coolest person ever- some think Im kind of famous now. So funny! 

“Do you ever go into bookstores and find it/see it?”

I remember when my husband and I went to London for the day and we just popped in the bookstore. Not only did I see the Judy Blume book right smack on one of the displays I also saw another book with me on it in another isle! It felt really cool. My husband insisted that we take a picture in the store of me holding the book. 

“Did you grow up reading Judy Blume?”

The reason this particular book cover is so special to me is that I grew up reading Judy Blume books. My mom got me into reading them. 

“Have you read this book?”

Of course! How could I not! Its Judy Blume AND Im on the cover!

“I know you’re a talented actress, would you audition to be the main star if the book was ever turned into a film? Using the fact you’re on the cover after all!”

Um YES YES YES YES YES!!  This would be a dream. Judy, if you see this blog… Please consider me! 

“If you could have your photo on any authors book who’s would it be?”

I don’t think I could pick! I’m pretty satisfied I managed to get on one of Judy Blume’s books. 

I wouldn’t mind being on the cover of a mystery novel though! 

So that’s it! Hillary the humble. All jokes aside she’s a fab model and actress but more than that she’s the sweetest most down to earth person.