My monthly book cover sales

I love sharing with you guys! My monthly book cover sales are such an important part of my business but also sharing with you, being able to show you, physically (digitally) that I sell my images, a lot of them! On a regular basis and you can too! My Breaking into book covers course is coming soon, don’t forget to sign up to be informed first of when it’s released and if you’re one of the first five people to purchase the course you’ll be getting a discount! Whoo!

Monthly Book Cover Sales - January 2019

It was a fairly good month! I couldn’t find 9 of them either so I’ll have to keep my eyes open for them in the future. I often check back over previous sales to see if I can find any others. Some of these I also stumbled across Amazon that haven’t yet been processed.

You can see that a photo of Alisha Whitworth I took in a 1940’s theme has sold twice for separate covers, it’s actually sold previously for other book covers too. This happens occasionally, the same image selling over and over.
Similar ones often sell too like the girl from Jane Austen -Mansfield Park and Anne Gracie - Scandale.

It’s so exciting to start the year off so strongly!

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