Best tips for modelling underwater

You might be thinking about modelling underwater, whether it’s to grab some attention in your modelling portfolio or you want to show off your baby bump in an unusual yet jaw dropping way. But let’s face it, it’s a bit scary, exciting scary but still scary. What if it goes wrong? I’m not talking drowning, that won’t happen. But what if you can’t do ‘x,y,z’ and it’s a waste of your money and time? That won’t happen either because it’s never happened with me.

I spend half an hour of our time together practising with you, going through the motions and suggesting ideas until we find one that works. Trust me, I’ve had non-swimmers, weak swimmers, panic induced mermaids and people that have experienced horrific water experiences when they were younger and are borderline having PTSD in the water. I’ve still gotten some beautiful photographs of them. It’s the relationship between us both that creates them.

Here are my best tips to modelling underwater:

  1. Practise in the bath. Holding your breath first then slowly letting your breath out. Keeping down for as long as feels comfortable.

  2. Then let your breath out before you go under the water, it helps weigh you down, and surprisingly you can stay underwater a lot longer if you adopt and master this method.

  3. If you haven’t been in water in a while, go to your local place and have a swim. It can help remind you that’s it’s safe to be in water.

  4. Don’t worry about your face too much, don’t open your eyes, just try and keep it neutral.

  5. Don’t wear make up. Even if it’s ‘waterproof’ it will smear, smudge and within minutes you’ll not be looking great. You can get a professional make up artist who has specialist kit, but a natural face is fine.

  6. Face side on to the camera (profile view). Legs akimbo up at the camera never looks amazing.

  7. Some people find it easier in the deep end, some the shallow, take the time in the beginning to find out which end you’re more comfortable and find the process easier in.


Now let’s make you the mermaid you are at heart!


If you have your own fears about modelling underwater I’d genuinely love to hear from you, either privately or just comment below (you can do this anonymously also), knowing people’s main concerns can be illuminating and help me answer questions, ease people’s fear.