Magic inspired photoshoot

So as most people who follow me on social media know how much I love the idea of magic and the theme of magic runs deep in my photoshoots. I recently had spoken with a beautiful company Sondeflor about a collaboration, they sent me a dress as a thank you, a red one which I instantly fell in love with and was eager to get out and photograph, magically.

Recently I had felt a touch uninspired, especially with editing for some reason. I go through slumps and I’ll be the first to admit I really despise editing sometimes. I love the final outcome but the process can drive me up the wall. Hence my slump. But that morning I had created some decent poses to play with and spent actual time visualising what I wanted and worked towards it.


My inspiration for my photo on the left.

I had spent the morning talking to my friend who is suffering from undiagnosed endometriosis, my mother’s friend had suffered the same recently and I’d read a book by Lisa Lister and all this talk of women being pulled apart by their own womb was holding deep in my heart. My sorrow for them, not the lack of children I have to swiftly add, but the almost betrayal of something inside your body. Tearing you apart, not just your womb but everything around it. It’s devastating. Hence my photo.

That morning in particular I was disappointed because we were expecting fog but nothing happened. I went anyway to try and be inspired. Whilst taking photographs a man appeared seemingly out of nowhere with his dogs, he seemed more embarrassed than I was! Me, leaping around in a red dress trying to look serene whilst doing it too! Yet this man was doing a normal thing walking his dogs was apologetic and quickly tried to leave.

I felt compelled to explain what I do as a living, almost my excuse to be acting so strangely. He just smiled and said it was a beautiful morning so he couldn’t blame me.

It’s funny, taking self portraits in public places isn’t it? In my experience people are like this man, embarrassed for catching you or they talk to you about it, ask what you’re doing and are really friendly. Usually older males crack a joke about modelling for you which is fine. I’ve only had ONE occasion where a man was vaguely threatening, threatening is a powerful word but I can’t find a better word for it. I felt uncomfortable and that was it. I was taking photos in a red coat and he asked if I was afraid of the ‘big, bad wolf’ and then growled at me getting very close and just being silent awkwardly. But it was the ONLY time.

Let’s hope these get on a book cover soon! Eeeek! If you’re interested in seeing your own images on book covers check out my course!