How to get into book cover photography

Have you taken an image and thought “That looks like a book cover” or people comment on your post “Oh this looks like a book cover I’d pick up!” lot’s of photographers I know, especially conceptual and fine art photographers get these comments every now and then. But where do you start? How do you get into book cover photography?


How do you get your photographs on books?

  1. Don’t waste your time heading straight to publishing houses. Chances are severely SLIM.

  2. Research your themes and genres before hand, play to your strengths.

  3. Build up a portfolio of images, start with at least 100.

  4. Scour your old hard drives for more images.

  5. Take my Breaking Into Book Cover course!

    Now I know that last one sounds like a sale, and yes partly it might be. It covers 12 chapters of videos, covering the basics of specific book cover agencies you can use, who offer a 50% royalty rate (one of the best in the stock world) why you don’t need models. I talk through my every step, mistake I took so you don’t have too and you can start selling pretty much straight away!

What are the benefits of being a book cover photographer?

  • Good money, regularly too.

  • Published worldwide on potentially very famous authors books.

  • Work from home.

  • Work whenever you like.

  • Don’t have to do ANY social media, networking, emails and all that. You wanna be an introverted hermit like myself? You bloody can be. (I started a blog because people ask me these things all the time)

  • Work as creatively as you like.

Hang on. This sounds too good. Right? I thought so, but that was 4 years ago and my dream hasn’t ended yet, it just got better…

Downsides? Pay can be irregular, no say over the design or what the image is used for. Sometimes you never find a cover. Sometimes they edit your photo very badly and you can’t say anything about it.

Pros outweigh the cons MASSIVELY.