Video: Editing for a potential book cover

Recently I went gung ho on getting some thriller, mystery book cover images done to bulk my portfolio out. Thriller is a massive genre and I hadn’t tried my hand at it so I made 2019 my year to try and break into the thriller genre a bit. Lot’s of you, especially on Instagram, asked to see more editing style videos so I created a video of editing for you!

Rosie police photoshoot

Rosie is a beautiful and hilarious actress who I knew could fit the bill of ‘strong and beautiful’ for some potential book covers. I had wanted to play with the idea of special police/FBI that kind of thing with female models as I couldn’t find a lot of content like that. The props didn’t cost me too much and I already had a fake gun too.

Note to self though: Remind models to bring appropriate footwear so they don’t have to wear your boyfriend’s trainers which are a fair few sizes too big. My bad.

Throughout the shoot I tried a huge variety of poses, running, action shots, with and without sunglasses, stab vest, chain etc. Just so I had a good amount of variety to eventually go through (I’m still not finished).

I don’t live in a very picturesque or dramatic place, very flat, not much going on. So I used a backplate image I took in Iceland of the mountains and it added a sense of place and scandi drama to the photo that I was looking for.

Final Images:

Here are just a small selection of some of the final images I created with and without using backplates (Iceland and Wales primarily with this batch) I always grade my thriller type images with either a very warm tone or very cool tones. It adds to the drama of the image and makes them eye catching also.


I love hearing from you all, any questions you have fire away!