Underwater photography in swimming pools

Doing underwater photography, especially portraiture, in swimming pools has it’s pro’s and con’s which I will go through. Then explain why I ALWAYS use an indoor swimming pool and how to get around some of the downsides.


  • Usually an indoor pool meaning it’s heated.

  • Bathrooms and changing rooms.

  • Private hire provides a better space to work in.

  • Clean water.


  • Chlorine. IT SUCKS.

  • Pricing depending on the pool.

  • Light dependent, unusual to find a space you can use electrical equipment in.

  • Time slots aren’t always available.

  • If your model cancels you probably won’t get your money back.

SO! Con’s so far out weigh the pros right?

So why do I always use a swimming pool?

Not just the pro’s of course but the con’s are avoidable. There are some swimming pools now that clean their pool with UV light rather than purely chlorine. Cutting down on the hazy gleam and also the amount you consume/get in your eyes.

Pricing you can’t get around but booking in advance can help and avoids not getting the time slot you want too. Check your pool’s refund policy too. If you have a friend with a pool, score!

Light dependent is a pain is the ass. There’s nothing you can do unless you control the weather (if you do get in touch with me cause I want in!) But generally speaking the middle of the day will be best and generally in the spring and summer time are your best bet’s naturally.

But swimming pools provide a safe and warm space to work in. It provides more consistency than a lake or the sea. Yes you could use a tank but they are SO expensive in comparison but if you have the money? Might as well give it a whirl!