Monthly theme for book cover photography - April

It’s that time of the month! Where I share the wonderful and inspiring posts using the hashtag #rekhamonthlytheme from last months theme of Anonymous Self Portrait and declare the new theme of the month for budding book cover photographers to create new content!

Monthly Theme: Matches

Matches get used a lot on book covers, fire in general, it is suggestive within itself and I myself haven’t tackled this tiny little thing that much and I want to change that! SO I HAVE!

Here are my outcomes, hopefully they can inspire you but also challenge you to think outside of the box a little. I didn’t want to do the cliché ones, I wanted to get creative. I spent a long morning coming up with different ideas, writing them down, sketching and I’ll be honest 80% of them weren’t even possible once I got down to trying it! The face almost didn’t work and I almost gave up!

I’m kinda pleased with the outcomes but some ideas didn’t work AT ALL! So I didn’t get a huge amount done but hey ho it’s better than nothing right!? They’ve all been accepted so I’m not whinging. I just wanted to show that sometimes yeah you don’t get the best day full of images, creating mass amounts of work, some days you try really hard and end up with only a handful of images and that’s okay!


Right, my favourite bit! Sharing some of last month’s wonderful photos from last month’s challenge! I love the creativity produced and can’t wait to see what people come up with for this months. Don’t forget to use the #rekhamonthlytheme that’s what I follow to see your guys work throughout the month.


Michelle K Connop

I LOVE this! It’s got enough information to be intriguing, there’s enough colour and lot’s of room for copy which is such a win!

I’d recommend following her @mkconnop

Pro book cover photographer in the making!


Ivana Desančić

How beautifully creative is this?! I love the magical quality to this, keeping the eyes anonymous and the focus is on the magical aspects.

Can we also take a moment to appreciate how beautiful that dress is?

Follow Ivana on instagram - @ivanadesancic

She has a beautiful, creative and magical feed!

Hope you’ve found some budding creatives to follow and you’ve been inspired to join in next month! I really hope you do, it’s a great way to share and get involved.