Do photographers make good money?

Any other photographers hear this question A LOT? When they find out you’re a photographer, “Do you make good money?”

It’s a fair question, I guess.

rekha garton

So do photographers make good money?

It’s hard too. It’s hard because if you solely rely on photography and are self employed some month’s you’ll cry “NO!” and some month’s you’ll humbly think “Hell yeah!”. Consistency, especially at the beginning of your career is, rocky.

Once you hit consistency though, it can be pretty good.

Especially if you find your ‘niche’ which I literally hate typing right now. Every blog/article I read in my first years as a photographer, every one said it… FIND YOUR NICHE. WELL. That sucks, cause the niche I did have didn’t really have any income ideas other than galleries (which is now a pet peeve of mine). I found an income, but it took 7 years or so! Hence why I will forever blog about being a book cover photographer, in desperate hope that young budding fine art photographers will come across this and feel elated not disappointed as I did many moons ago.

So, next thing.

If you’ve found your ‘niche’ or just something you’re bloody good at you will have to find a way to sell, either your work or you as a brand. This is what I’ve struggled with. It’s something that hasn’t always interested me. I’m a lone wolf, hermit, introvert, whatever you want to call it, so networking and putting myself out there is something I’ve actively avoided until recently. I don’t have too but I now want too.

Every ‘genre’ of photography has a different level of income. Your effort and how many days you work has an effect also. I work 2-5 days a week roughly and I do very well. Some people work non stop and are hustling non stop and they do VERY well. If you only worked one day a week, doing maybe one headshot image for a local actor, you’re not going to be doing well. I’m sure you get my drift.

If you work hard, market yourself, network and find a place your work sells. You could make good money.