The most cliché book cover photos and why they sell

So book covers are a funny thing, sometimes you get that stand out one which makes your jaw drop and pick it up just out of curiosity. Others? Well they seem to blend together, especially the thriller genre. I’m going to go through the most cliché book cover imagery and explain why these kinds of photos will sell over and over again.

Back of a girl in a red coat.

It took me all of two minutes to find these just by looking on Amazon Thriller books. I watched a thing with the author James Patterson before and he actually commented on the fact there a million books out there with a girl in a red coat now, lost in a haze of red. But, they are compelling. They work stylistically, they have almost become familiar to all of us, especially thriller readers, if you see the back of a girl wearing a red coat, it’s the sign it’s a thriller with a female character. It’s become a good go too; so I don’t see this trend dying anytime soon AT ALL.

So if you want to take photos of a girl running in a red coat might as well but know that there are a ton of them so it’s a double edged sword really! You could sell some, if you get that right shot but they will often be over looked because there are so many! It’s always good to have a vast range of content no matter your preferred style. So I’ll always encourage people to try everything and anything until you find that genre that you really do well with, even then mix it up occasionally, genres come into trend and come back in so it’s good to cover your back!

Of course if you’re just itching to get into book cover photography and really find out every aspect of it check out my course, I cover every single thing I could think of to go through step by step.