1940's Land Girls photoshoot

Every year I take a few days doing some photoshoots all about land army girls from the 1940’s, because the images sell pretty regularly and I’m surrounded by some pretty farm land so it seems like a no brainer to do so!

So it’s that time of year again! I’ve done 2 so far but plan on doing a couple of more when the grains turn a golden colour. I wanted to add a male model to the mix too, almost like a farm hand but also a potential love interest. It helps create more story which I’m in the business of doing!

Day One : Hillary, Anna and Ollie

Hair and makeup: Ria Yvonne Lingwood

Costumes: Masquerade costume hire in Earl Stonham.

This day was very tricky. I hadn’t explored the area we were photographing in before so it was very hit and miss finding locations on the day and the light was appalling, it was so difficult to deal with but the whole team kept such high spirits despite everything going wrong, it really shows what energy can do for a photoshoot.

Day Two: Olivia, Jasmine and James

Hair and makeup: Ria Yvonne Lingwood

Costumes: Masquerade costume hire

This day was far easier, the light was lovely albeit a bit bright to begin with but the rest of the day was even and wonderful. All these models are actors and two of them had a great energy which they put into the more romantic shots, which was awesome. It’s why I love working with actors as well as models, they often respond to the energy around and act accordingly. It was fab. Olivia is a pro and done this many times for me before too so it’s great working with her as she smashes out the poses she knows I want and need without much direction and shows the others what I expect also.

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