Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Yes folks I'm back doing wedding photography with my partner in crime! Head over to to check out our work and get in touch about your own wedding, or share the exciting news with a recently engaged friend! 

You're also welcome to just shoot me a message too of course, here. 


New published work

New published work

Hello all of you, thought I'd share some recent publications with you, book covers using my images. My favourite part of the month is finding these and sharing them with you all.

If you're interested in doing some modelling and potentially ending up on a best seller or simply on a book cover, please get in touch. It's a trade off, you get some great images and potentially end up on a book cover FOR FREE and I get to continue doing my job! Great trade huh?

So get in touch

Also, anyone spot the famous Michael Socha? I did an underwater image of him for a play which they've turned into a book :) 

Absence & Desire

Absence & Desire

Hey everyone, I'm ever so sorry for my lack of blog posts, as many of you know I find social media quite difficult anyway and on top of that I've had some pretty bad health issues and been extremely busy in comparison to normal so my blog has been left to wither. Plus I'm never really sure what to blog about so I might try and just blog twice a month to make it manageable yet consistent.

1. I've named this post absence and desire because it was rather fitting but also it is from my favourite trilogy of books which I just found out is being made into a TV series and I could not be more excited about it, plus the author regrammed one of my images inspired by the books, which was awesome.

2. I've been thinking of changing my entire website to solely focus on underwater work, but carry on with my book cover stuff regardless since it is my sole income. But I don't get any work through my website regarding book cover images. So hence my thought process. Let me know if you agree/disagree.

3. A lot more published work is to come, just got to sort it out to show you all.

4. You're better off following my instagram and facebook page to see my regular updates on work. 

5. My partner and I are trying to move house/buy another one. It is so damn stressful I'm surprised I still have hair. 

6. I got to shoot in the Ocean finally with my case, what a beautifully funny experience. You can see the images on my instagram or even on my latest section in work. 

7. I've been playing with new studio lights, and particularly low lighting. I'm loving it and would love to involve an older generation of 'models' and actors. It's like fancy cosplay really! 

8. Kind of recently I had to go through an angry emotion that made me want to leave social media sites all together. Someone who is semi well known (only because they know the right people not through hard work, I'm being serious not a bitch) copied a photo of mine almost exactly. My photo had been posted and they went on an 'impromptu' shoot the next evening and copied my image. I found it really difficult and had to stop the fire in my veins from exploding over and burning people in the process. I asked for advice from people which was very varied. I decided to leave it and block said person from social media sites we both belonged too so I wouldn't get so mad again. I still wish I had called them out. It's been over two months. 

That's a semi decent update on the going on's round here (i.e my mind and life) 


Top myths about modelling underwater

Top myths about modelling underwater

1. You do not have to know how to swim

A lot of my models aren't confident swimmers, they can do a decent doggy paddle and that's fine. I try to keep in the shallow end anyway and I'm a very confident swimmer so can come and help in an instant. 

2. I can't open my eyes underwater

That's fine. Most the pools I use are low-chlorine and use UV light to clean the water instead but if you still find it difficult again that's fine. It's hard to look serene underwater with your eyes open anyway, keep them closed, you'll still look beautiful! 

3. I can't hold my breath for very long

GOOD! Because the best thing to do is let all your breath out before you go under, you will naturally sink and be able to pose a lot easier and generally most people can stay under the water a lot longer when they don't hold their breath, it sounds counter productive but trust me it works!

4. I'm scared

Okay so not so much a myth. But something I hear often. Some people just aren't comfortable in water. Which is fine. If it's something you would love to do though, suck it up and try it. Most models get the jitters before and the first ten minutes are hilariously bad ALWAYS. Puffy faces, strange poses and getting used to being in water. I'm there to direct, stage and make sure you're safe. 

Using my new lights for the first time

Using my new lights for the first time

So I bought some flash lights to add to my kit. Quite often I'l get ideas for more dynamic images that need coloured gels, harsh lighting, highlights etc so I felt I had to cave and get my flash lights. 

I only have a small space and don't need fancy pants lighting. I bought the Elinchrom D-Lite One RX, actually I bought three of them. I didn't opt for the kit because you got two small octoboxes and only two lights which is great but it worked out cheaper for me to get three lights and the soft boxes, snoots and dishes separately. Including an octobox which is the size of my house... I'm yet to use it. Also I opted for Elinchrom since if I want to upgrade I won't have to upgrade the whole kit, just the light heads.





Self portrait time

When a model bails on you, what else can you do?

So I had a feeling the day before this shoot that the model was going to bail... I'm sure every photographer gets this sensation. She did bail. We were going to do a 'strong woman' shoot, knives, guns, harsh light almost post apocalyptic.

So I put some lipstick on, darkened my blonde eyebrows which are invisible on camera, put an old shirt on and grabbed my 'zombie' knife. 

Next I set up my kit in the living room... a small feat. For this I had a snoot with a magenta gel in on the right. On the left is a small dish with a blue gel. Then there is an strip light softbox right in front of me on the lowest setting to soften those harsh lines in the middle of my face. 

I figured this out after 3 episodes of gilmore girls... I like having something on whilst I work which can keep me laughing whilst I get frustrated with having to maneuver myself over the couch repeatedly, the fact I left my tripod in my car and it's having it's MOT on this day so I'm using the smallest, flimsiest tripod made for compact and go-pro cameras... I'm surprised it's still standing (it's tallest height is 4ft) I was on a short stool sitting down to try and get a good height. 

Despite being deeply uncomfortable on taking some self portraits which I've not done in a while, I'm quite pleased with the light! Still got stuff to play with and can't wait to play with them a little more.