Photography Portfolio Consultation

Photography Portfolio Consultation


This service is specifically for book cover photographers. Please do not buy if you are looking for an overview of your portfolio in general and this is not suitable for you if you aren’t already in the book cover industry. If you aren’t and want to be; take a look at my course ‘Breaking Into Book Covers.’

You may have taken my course and struggling on your next steps, what your focus might be or maybe you’re just of unsure of your strengths & weaknesses?

I’m offering a thirty minute long consultation, let me have a link to your work on the agencies you’re with, or you can link me to your portfolio (this only applies if you’ve taken my course, please read below). I will spend time going through and making a list of your strengths and what you could work on, what your strengths are and how to play them to your advantage in the book cover industry.

I can email a PDF over to your afterwards with a full write up.

This service is provided within my working week, I do not do this over weekends so if you buy the course late on Friday your work will not be seen until Monday.

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This service comes on a first come, first serve basis. As soon as I receive an order I will create a list and work my way through accordingly. I aim to get write up’s back to people within a week maximum but especially at the beginning I’m hoping the same day or next working day at least.

If you buy this course and you’re not with agencies or have taken my breaking into book cover course, but you’re hoping this is an easy way to find information you will be disappointed and a refund will NOT be issued, nor will your work be reviewed.

This is only for people who have taken my course or are already with agencies. If you haven’t taken my course and are struggling I really strongly advise you take the course first as 99% of information is covered by the course, this is just to help people create a better focus for their photography work AFTER using all the advice I give within the course.

If you haven’t taken my course but are struggling within the agencies you are part of I still STRONGLY advise you take the course first as much as my personal constructive feedback might help I do not think it is a substitute for the amount of information offered within Breaking Into Book Covers. I will not talk about anything within my course through this feedback either.