Breaking Into Book Covers

Breaking Into Book Covers


I’ve responded to the vast amount of people interested in this course, and it’s finally here! Eeek!

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Do you fall under the ‘fine art’ category when it comes to photography? Love it but find it impossible to make money? I did too. Conceptual photography is hard to sell. Simple as. I then personally swayed into stock which wasn’t my thing, it wasn’t creative enough for me. I tried weddings, I was okay and could have continued, but my heart wasn’t in it, my heart lay with ‘fine art photography’.

Maybe you love doing wedding photography, but during the quieter months, you’d like a side hustle to fall back on? Perhaps you just want some passive income from your photography? Or maybe you have a ton of images on your hard drive gathering virtual dust that you could be potentially earning income from?

Book cover photography is PERFECT for most photographers. I earn more than enough through my book cover sales to live off every single month. Yes, it varies, but if you put the work in, it pays. Self-publishing authors are higher than ever, more books are being published than ever, and even more, kindle arrived! Books are forever making a comeback. They will never die out or go out of trend. We will forever have work available.

If you want to know how to break into book cover photography, this is the course for you. I’ll talk through the basics to the high-end production line of it.

Break down of what will be covered in this course:

  1. The different agencies to use, pros and cons.

  2. Why using an agency is sometimes easier.

  3. Why you DON'T need models.

  4. Still life work.

  5. Submitting your first images.

  6. Potential goldmines you might be missing out on.

  7. Models, costumes and locations.

  8. Top reasons images don't sell.

  9. Copying vs Inspiration.

  10. Popular themes to prey on.

  11. Watch me shoot and edit for book covers.

  12. Finding book covers 101.

    Free texture pack and costume giveaway.

    If you're buying this course expecting a step by step on how I edit, you will be disappointed, I will NOT be covering this whatsoever and explain why in the videos. But this course is not for you if that's the only reason you're thinking of buying it.