Why Underwater Photography

Why Underwater Photography

Why did I re-brand as primarily an underwater photographer? I've been struggling with all social media/marketing aspects of photography, it wasn't anywhere near as popular when I started. 

Watching a video about 'building your brand' she spoke about:

  1. Your niche of photography
  2. Style of photography
  3. Your passion
  4. Your personality style

I quickly and in a bit of a bored manner wrote down:

  1. Underwater
  2. Fine Art (I still feel this is an inadequate word for my work style)
  3. Creating stories through photography
  4. Introvert

I then laughed, chuckled to myself at the irony. Being underwater, you are alone, in the quiet of the water, your body defies gravity creating surreal/ethereal movement and shapes. The imagination goes off on a tangent. 


It suddenly felt like I'd made the right decision to change my website up a bit. I'm still doing the fine art and book cover photography, this won't change as I love books, I love reading and I love creating images that tell a story or suggest a story. But I want my website to communicate that I want to focus on underwater photography in my personal work.