Underwater Fine Art Photography

Underwater Fine Art Photography

So I wrote a blog post the other day about a new year filled with underwater photography and I mentioned I had another underwater photoshoot that day, so I wanted to share them with you.

Basically Catherine and I have been friends for many years and kept meaning to do an underwater photoshoot last year but it never happened so when she excitedly messaged me about doing one we got straight on it, to fulfill her mermaid dreams.

She was utterly amazing. Natural in the water, the day was full of giggles and love. Cannot describe what a beautiful day it was (I mean the weather was overcast but she made it beautiful). She also came up with her own suggestions of posing which worked a treat and she wasn't afraid to try anything. Exactly what I need from a model!

I had asked Cat if she would prefer to potentially be on a book cover or would she prefer to do something a touch more creative. All our previous shoots have been really creative but have resulted in zero book covers, because the extra creative images don't sell as quickly. So she asked if we could do ones that were more likely to end up on covers. 

If you're interested in having your own underwater photoshoot, please get in touch