Photography set up for fantasy studio lighting

Photography set up for fantasy studio lighting

I had a few messages on facebook and instagram about the lighting set up for the below 'fantasy' photo, for which I recently shared on social media. I'm here to tell you just how damn easy it is.


Some photographers will figure it out straight away but I know younger and or amateur photographers see it as something unachievable because I used too. But it isn't, it's...  A SINGLE LIGHT!

One light, with a small beauty dish and it's diffuser on (basically a glorified shower cap) on a light stand as high as it could go (I don't have big grand ceilings either, just normal height) pointed down towards my face.

On the right hand side (or my left) I had a white reflector just to bounce a little back into the hair and arm but literally that is it, super easy. You don't even need an actual reflector, just a piece of white paper would do it, I mean around a2+ because let's face it an a4 size can only do so much. 

I had a dark backdrop down obviously but a dark bedsheet would do and served me well for MANY years.

The rest, is Photoshop. The colours, the halo and blue fantasy bits, again achieve-able but I'd love to see how you manage it, see your outcomes etc. I used some smoke brushes, not the traditional ones but wispy smoke ones which you can find at places like EnvatoCreative Market  the two places I go to to find interesting photoshop brushes, textures etc. Yes you have to pay for them, not a whole lot though and at least they are good quality and exactly what you want. I learnt freebies only go so far. 

If you're interested in how I edited this, let me know and I'l see if I can remember and do another similar photo/video of the process.