New Year of Underwater Photoshoots

New Year of Underwater Photoshoots


So I started the new year hoping I would get to do more underwater photoshoots, so I got in contact with my friends list and now have the next 5 weeks booked with one a week. I've done one already and another this morning (The morning of writing this).

If you're interested in taking part in an underwater photoshoot, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

I'm also interested in collaborating with designers too. I'm particularly looking forward to working with a designer I've dreamt about working with for a long time, but for now that's under wraps until it's happened. 

Also if you're looking to model underwater, I'm happy to do potential trades of underwater work for letting me use the images for potential book covers, so neither of us pay one another but we both get something from it :) Again if you're interested, get in touch

Okay so I had an idea rolling around for a LONG time, of a dark mermaid, mermaids have been so on trend this previous year, becoming increasingly popular but it's always so pretty in pink style (from what I've been exposed too) and I thought of when I studied mythology and such, the sirens who coaxed men to their deaths. Not so pretty after all. Generally mermaid folklore is very dark, twisted and full of death. 

I started thinking about ideas of dark mermaids and slowly my ideas started forming. I have a mask by the beautifully talented Hysteria Machine it's called a blind mask. You can actually see through it perfectly well. I also had picked up a lovely cheap body suit from H&M sales for this shoot last summer. I had a dagger and the body chain already too. 

My talented make up artist Sherrie Sparkes was eager to try out some underwater make up she had acquired and thankfully we have exactly the same mind set when it comes to creating dark images so I trusted her completely after explaining my idea. 

Hollie was the perfect model for this too, confident underwater and of course utterly beautiful in a most bewitching way. 

I'm so pleased with the outcome, more to edit of course. More than anything I'm super pleased this was my first underwater photoshoot of the year.