Moving from Canon 5DMKIV to Sony A7RIII

I’ve recently switched camera systems, if you follow my social media you’ll know this already. But I went from a DSLR to a mirrorless and thought I’d talk through why and how it’s been so far.

Reason I switched

One, because the weight of my Canon was becoming annoying, I stopped using my favourite lens as much because it became so heavy and longer shoots then took their toll on my neck more than anything.

Also I wanted a silent option for future projects.

My Canon was becoming older and the shutter was squeaking, I knew it was time to move soon.

Why the A7RIII?

I done A LOT of research, more than I thought I’d ever do. Because changing from a Canon to a Sony means changing lenses too, the adapter for Canon lenses to Sony body? Not great results. In fact bad bad results.

But the A7RIII provides me with everything I need, not just the massive megapixels which are sublime I have to say but the A7III, which many people told me to get instead, doesn’t have a flash cable connection which I need and the A7RIII is the only one with the 45mp sensor. So if I want to crop in I don’t lose as much detail which is awesome.


I swapped like for like. 24-70 f2.8 G-Master lens and the 70-200 f2.8 G-Master lens. And they are outstanding in focusing speed. I really like the 70-200, it’s been a delight to play with so far and because it doesn’t way as much as my Canon did I’m enjoying using it again. I’m hoping to pick up a Sony Zeiss 35mm soon for my underwater photography, but I also need to replace my underwater case.

First thoughts

Pro’s outweigh the con’s massively.

The auto focusing system on the Sony is sublime, its eye/face recognition system is particularly handy for me and works well even at full length body shots. The auto focusing system in general, it has an auto mode and I tried it on some girls running away from the camera, it didn’t miss a beat and tracked them running without me having to switch to AI-Servio mode. So it’s super handy for me when models can just run about on set and I don’t have to keep stopping them to change focusing modes.

The 45mp sensor is still blowing my mind. Yes the file sizes are a little absurd but I generally shoot book cover imagery on jpegs so it won’t be too bad but when I do headshots, dark portraiture or other work it will be so useful to have those extra megapixels so I can crop in when I need without losing quality.

It’s not heavy but heavy enough to feel sturdy which is exactly what I was looking for.

The sharpness of the images overall is wonderful. So different, not saying Canon is bad but feels super soft in comparison now.

Lastly, not that it’s an actual last pro but one I really want to mention. Low light. Canon in low light is hit and miss, I thought it was fine actually, irritating sometimes but assumed it was probably amongst the best because it was Canon after all, naive. Sony in low light is a different bloody ball game. It’s jaw droppingly good in low light. Like I cannot even wrap my head around HOW it does it but it does it and does it well!

Few cons:

I’m used to Canon colour, so it took a while to figure out a nice colour system, but it’s had to been done in a custom setting. Bit fiddly and annoying but I knew this would happen.

I prefer the body feel of the Canon DSLR but again, it’s a smaller system so something I’ll get used too in no time I’m sure.

The menu system on the Sony is overly complicated but again after all my research I knew of this hiccup, it is an absolute ball ache but once you have your settings in place there won’t be much need to go into the menus too often. And there are 3 custom setting buttons on the actual camera body so set up all of them and you’re good to go.

Lastly, my old card reader couldn’t handle the files so I had to plug the camera itself in to get the images to upload on my computer. Isn’t a biggy but worried me on my first upload! To be honest going through the camera is SO quick in comparison too so I’m kinda glad that I know this now to speed up my workflow.

So I couldn’t be happier with my switch so far. Big thumbs up.