Fantasy images for book covers

Fantasy images for book covers

So for a long while I wanted to push myself creatively not just technically but in photoshop too, I realised I had gotten comfortable. Sounds weird right? But I got used to shooting, editing (quickly I might add) and uploading. Lost my creative push/spark wanting to tell stories from churning out work. Not burnt out so to speak but heading to that chapter. 

My favourite genre to read is fantasy, I get lost in fantasy novels, getting to explore other worlds, meet new people and I can't comprehend not reading fantasy. So I went to Waterstones and browsed around, not just once but a few times, always being attracted to the fantasy section.

I noticed that a lot of covers and images are 'anonymous', especially gender anonymous which I found interesting more than anything. Anyway I bought a cheapish cloak and already had a fair amount of cheap wardrobe from my post apocalyptic box, just making do. Bear in mind, most of my post apocalyptic clothing is from charity shops and big sales, that entire box can't have cost me more than £50. The weird glowing stick weapon from below image? It's actually an old ceiling paint roller I found in the garage ;) I just like to point out that achieving this 'get up' isn't expensive. 

So I set up my lighting in my fancy new studio and took some shots, jumping, posing etc and when my partner came back he did the same and can jump ridiculously high! I got a great run of images. Next was creating back plates for the images. So I crawled through some of my images from Iceland, from around here, skies and grasses too. It took a couple of hours to create different backplates, which cut down the process in the long run, I now have a few backplates to just cut my people out and edit onto. 

Anyway I'm super happy with how these are turning out so far and hopefully they'll be on a book cover one day (soon!) they are available to license through Arcangel images